About the Treatment

Studies are showing that only a small percentage of patients with COVID 19 are completely free of symptoms after full resolution of the virus. Doctors and clinics around the globe are starting to look at hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a way to combat post COVID 19 syndrome (known by many as the “Long Haulers Syndrome”).

According to a clinical trial : NCTO4647656 which is being conducted to study the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on post COVID 19 symptoms, the main symptoms being reported are cognitive impairment, fatigue and sleep disorders. It states that there are biological indicators that play roles in the post COVID 19 syndrome such as:

  1. hypercoagulability that accompanies acute infection;
  2. uncontrolled inflammatory response, called a cytokines storm (leading to neuroinflammation);
  3. hypoxia;
  4. and oxygen debt (when certain parts of the body “steal the oxygen to heal” leaving other parts deprived of oxygen).


A Simple Process

The process to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an adjunctive treatment for post COVID recovery is simple.

  1. You must obtain a prescription for hyperbaric, since 100% oxygen under pressure is considered a drug. You can call 757-452-3934 to schedule an appointment with a doctor here, if your doctor is not yet familiar with hyperbaric protocols. The doctor may want to test for
    1. Inflammatory markers
      1. using ESR and CRP blood tests
    2. Blood clotting markers
      1. using D-Dimer blood tests
    3. Heart and pulmonary functions
      1. using echocardiograms and/ or pulmonary function test
  2. Once you have had your consult and testing, are medically cleared and have a prescription (all which can happen fairly quickly), you can select the type of chamber you want to use.  We have a mono-place chamber and a multi-place chamber.
  3.  Next, you decide the payment options that work best for you (insurance does not cover HBOT for COVID 19 or post COVID 19) and schedule your treatment. We have five dive times per day from which to chose.
  4. Lastly, when your treatment protocol comes to a close, we will help ensure post treatment tests (listed above) and conduct a final consultation to review your progress.


How it Works

The pressure that is created in the dive chamber allows the healing oxygen to permeate through all fluids, muscle, tissue, fat and bone through out the entire body. Typically, when are body is injured, the injured tissue does not receive the oxygen it needs to thrive, cells do not function properly and the bodily functions decline. Studies show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps the body heal its injuries and improve functionality once again.
HBOT has been shown to work at the mitochondrial level to “kick start” functionality. It has also been shown in to:

  • Create new blood vessels (a process called angiogenesis)
  • Stimulate new capillary growth
  • Decrease inflammation and lactic acid
  • Increase white blood cell production
  • Enhance the ability for white blood cells to carry away “bad” bacteria and debris (Leukocyte activity)
  • Decrease surgery complications for smokers
  • Improve bone regeneration for faster recovery
  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce edema
  • Increase the production of collagen

What We Treat

We treat Post Covid patients experiencing chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, loss of smell and taste, chronic headaches, and chronic inflammation.

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