In just two months and 40 hyperbaric sessions later my life has  changed and I no longer have migraines or pain from  Fibromyalgia.  

Below is a testimonial from Elena Rosario, who was treated in 2016 at Hampton Roads  Hyperbaric Therapy. She is the son of another patient who was successfully treated for  mild traumatic brain injury. Her son translated her exact words from Spanish to  English so that she could share her experiences with HBOT. Please read about her  experience! 

My name is Elena Rosario,

I’ve had a rough painful life for the last 13 years, since then I’ve been a very sad  and a depressed person unable to enjoy most of my adulthood. I’ve have been suffering  with fibromyalgia along with other pains throughout my body and I had to stop working  because the pain was so great. People did not understand the pain I was going through  and I was humiliated and considered weak. My symptoms tormented me on a daily basis  and I was never in a good mood. Words couldn’t describe the level of pain that I was in  but the thing that comes close to it is having the feeling of having needles pricked into  my muscle fibers. It was very hard to stay positive since I was always under pain with  painful migraines that made it difficult to concentrate on anything. My skull was always  under pain and I could feel the pressure crawling into my eyes and it affected my vision

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greatly. I was heavily medicated and for years I had no success in treating my symptoms.  I realized how much the medications have not worked and only made me feel worst since  it tried to treat one thing but instead I had more problems because of the side effects I was

having. After all the years of being medicated I had to stop using the medications since my body was in very bad shape and not responding well. In just two months and 40  sessions later my life has changed and I no longer have migraines or in such pain. I  remember having a difficult time in just trying to concentrate in simple tasks and now  things are much more clearer and brighter. Two months ago I had trouble communicating  and writing anything but now I’m able to write this testimonial with no trouble  whatsoever. My message to the people is that if they suffer from the same medical issue  that I went through is that there is hope and to really consider this treatment because it  has helped me so much. For the first time in my life I’m no longer being tormented by the  dreaded daily aches and pains that have emotionally destroyed me for years and now I’m  just able to have such calmness that I no longer have to worry about having the feeling of  needles anymore. I have so much lightness on my skull that my eyesight has improved  and I no longer have to worry about wearing my glasses. I was so used being heavily  sedated and for the first time I can say is that it feels great not being on any medication  and to finally be able to enjoy life pain free. I am thankful for all the help I received and  feel blessed to have gone through this treatment since its not available everywhere and  not many people know about it.

129 W. Virginia Beach Blvd, Suite 140, Norfolk, VA 23510 757-452-3934