Sergio’s Story: Sergio was to be promoted to Warrant Officer in the SEAL Teams on May 9, 2014. Many family members were headed to Virginia Beach to attend the ceremony and congratulate their loved one. One day prior on May 8, Sergio was participating in the command Navy SEAL fitness test, which he has completed many times, suffers a heart attack and dies. He was revived by rescue and on his way to the hospital dies two more times. The result is an anoxic brain injury that leaves this once powerful Navy SEAL who could overcome any obstacle put in front of him unable to walk, talk, read or write. As Sergio says, “I was like a baby again.” But he decided he had been in worse spots before and this was a speed bump. He would get better. He must get better.

Watch this compelling story of recovery as Sergio describes his long, dramatic recovery relying on sheer grit, determination, positive mindset and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.