More than 450,000 veterans and active duty military have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury since 2000. Travis suffered two traumatic brain injuries while on active duty and now suffers from post concussion syndrome. 

Travis says it has caused a tremendous amount of turmoil in his life between aggression, concentration and memory issues, as well as anxiety and depression.

Travis contacted Tier I Therapy Centers (formerly Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy) and noticed a huge improvement in his symptoms and performing activities of everyday life.

When neurons are “idling” from traumatic brain injury, they are not receiving the oxygen they need to send the proper signals our body needs for normal functioning. Giving 100% oxygen with 2 to 3 atmospheres of pressure delivers 20 times the amount of oxygen to the tissues more than if you were breathing room air (21%) under normal living conditions. This provides immediate help to ischemic and compromised tissue with marginal blood flow. HBOT floods the cells with oxygen, forcing it into the plasma allowing them to thrive and revive. 

Recent research has shown that cells can be revived with 100% pressurized oxygen. SPECT imaging, computer-based cognitive assessments, self-assessments and QEEG conducted pre and post therapy show the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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